Chapter 10. Social Networking

Developing a MySpace Application with Silverlight

This chapter covers how to integrate data from FitnessTrackerPlus with the popular social networking site MySpace. Users of FitnessTrackerPlus are currently able to share their fitness progress with others through the use of the public journal page that you just completed. In some cases, however, these users will already have made an investment in another social networking site. These users may wish to just share their fitness journals on another existing social networking site rather than sending their friends and family to yet another URL. There are currently many different social networking sites available on the Internet and to try and support every single one of them is not practical for this book. Instead, I will be focusing my coverage on arguably one of the largest social networking sites — MySpace. Although this chapter cannot possibly offer a thorough examination of the entire MySpace developer API and the OpenSocial platform, you will be able to see step by step how to develop a MySpace application in Silverlight, and by the end of the chapter provide users of FitnessTrackerPlus with another option for sharing their fitness progress with their friends, family, and anyone else on the Internet.


The public journal page created in the previous chapter provides a great tool for users of FitnessTrackerPlus to gain feedback from others on their individual fitness progress. It provides a social ...

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