Chapter 12. Let's Go Live

Finishing and Deploying FitnessTrackerPlus

In this final chapter, you will see that although the application has been fully developed there is still some work left to do before declaring to the world that FitnessTrackerPlus is available and ready to go. This chapter begins with finalizing the application by adding content to the supplemental pages. Next you will see the importance of creating terms of service and privacy policy pages before you actually deploy the site. Finally, I will cover in detail how to build and deploy the site to the popular shared hosting provider Discount ASP.NET. It's been a long journey to get to this point and as tempting as it may be to just upload the site as is and start signing up users, you really need to take a small step back and tie up all the loose ends and get any potential legal issues out of the way before opening up the site to the rest of the world.


You've completed all the required features for the site. You have working food, exercise, and measurement log pages. You have a public journal feature that allows users to share their success with others. You have successfully integrated with the popular social networking site MySpace, and you have even come up with a pretty good scheme to generate revenue once your site becomes popular. What else could possibly hold up the public launch of FitnessTrackerPlus? Well for starters you still have a bunch of empty supplemental pages. Way back when the project was started, ...

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