Remembering the rules of common sense – one way

I’ve tried, in the course of the book, to keep reminding you of the seven rules of common sense:

  1. Many things are simple
  2. Know what you’re trying to do
  3. There is always a sequence of events
  4. Things don’t get done if people don’t do them
  5. Things rarely turn out as expected
  6. Things either are or they aren’t
  7. Look at things from others’ points of view

Here is perhaps another way to think of them:

  • The first and last can be thought of as over-arching rules. Keep things simple and see them from other viewpoints.
  • Rule 2 is about knowing what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Rules 3 through 6 are built around the sequence of events which is how we accomplish what it is we’re trying to achieve.

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