Chapter 2

Using Siri to Organize Your Life

In This Chapter

arrow Using Siri to add calendar appointments and reminders

arrow Getting Siri to tell you about existing appointments

arrow Creating, accessing, and editing notes

arrow Having Siri set alarms on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

arrow Accessing the time (and timers) through Siri

arrow Instructing Siri to open apps for you

In Chapter 1, you find out about some of the amazing things Siri can do for you — at a high level. Time now to take a deeper dive into some of the ways Siri can help you stay organized and informed, wherever life takes you.

Specifically, Siri can seriously speed up common — and often mundane — tasks, such as adding entries to a calendar, setting a reminder to do something, making notes, and setting alarms.

Menial tasks that often take multiple steps when typing can be performed in mere seconds — with great accuracy — when you get to use your ...

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