Chapter 5

Using Siri for E-Mail, Texting, and Phone Calls

In This Chapter

arrow Sending an e-mail using your voice — even to multiple people at once

arrow Using the CC and BCC fields

arrow Having Siri find e-mails in your inbox

arrow Replying and forwarding e-mail messages

arrow Composing text messages through Siri

arrow Having Siri read your text messages to you

arrow Using your voice to make phone calls and initiate FaceTime calls

In this chapter — and it’s one of the longer ones — you get to see how you can use Siri as your personal communication tool.

Specifically, your voice-activated personal assistant on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can be very handy for composing and accessing e-mails, composing and reading iMessages and text messages (SMS), and for iPhone users, placing a phone call to a particular number or someone ...

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