Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing
What happens when one of the most widely used quality improvement
methodologies meets the worlds leading statistical software for quality
improvement? Packed with case studies in a variety of sectors, including health
care, manufacturing, airlines, and fast food restaurants, Six Sigma Case Studies
with Minitab
shows you how to maximize the quality analysis and improvement
tools available in Minitab
for your Six Sigma projects.
Highly illustrated, the book includes detailed steps and more than 380 screenshots
that explain how to use:
• Condence Interval Estimation
• Hypothesis Testing
• Chi-Square Analysis
• Process Capability Analysis
• Binary Logistic Regression
• Item Analysis
• Cluster Analysis
• Mixture Design and Analysis of Experiments
• Multivariate Analysis
• Pareto Charts
• Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
• Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis
• Taguchi Design and Analysis of Experiments
• Factorial Design and Analysis of Experiments
• Statistical Control Charts
The case studies demonstrate the wide range of sectors and uses for Six Sigma
and Minitab
. The screenshots provide exceptional detail and the book includes
explanations for many Six Sigma terms and an appendix with the contents of the
worksheets that are referred to in most of the chapters. These features
and more give you the tools to meet the challenges of continuous improvement
expected in today’s marketplace.
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Six Sigma
Case Studies
with Minitab
Six Sigma Case Studies with Minitab
Kishore K. Pochampally
Surendra M. Gupta
K21461 cvr mech.indd 1 11/26/13 12:48 PM
Six Sigma
Case Studies
with Minitab
Six Sigma
Case Studies
with Minitab
Kishore K. Pochampally
Surendra M. Gupta
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