Chapter 2

Establishing the Modeling Mind-Set

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding edges and faces

arrow Representing three dimensions on a two-dimensional screen

arrow Inferencing like a pro

arrow Warming up with SketchUp

arrow Using guides to line up things

arrow Adding color and texture to your work

When you were learning how to drive a car, you probably didn’t just get behind the wheel, step on the gas, and figure it out as you went along. (If you did, you probably have bigger things to worry about than getting started with SketchUp.) My point is, you should really know several things before you get started. This chapter introduces those things — concepts, really — that can make your first few hours with SketchUp a lot more productive and fun.

So here’s the deal: I’ve divided this chapter into three main parts:

  • The first part talks about edges and faces — the basic stuff that SketchUp models are made of.
  • The second ...

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