Chapter 3

Getting a Running Start

In This Chapter

arrow Starting at the right place in SketchUp

arrow Building a simple model

arrow Changing the way the model looks

arrow Exporting a JPEG file that you can e-mail

If you can’t wait to get your hands dirty (so to speak), you’ve come to the right chapter. Here I help you make a simple model step by step, spin it around, paint it, and even apply styles and shadows. You don’t need to read another word of this book to be able to follow along, although I do refer you to chapters where you can find out more. Above all, these pages are about doing and about the basics of putting together the various SketchUp features to produce a knockout model in no time.

So what are you going to build? Perhaps a doghouse. The nice thing about doghouses is that they’re a lot like peoplehouses in the ways that count: They have doors and roofs, and just about everybody has seen one.

remember.eps One last thing: Just about every other piece of this book is written so that you can jump around to ...

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