Chapter 11

Presenting Your Model inside SketchUp

In This Chapter

arrow Walking around inside your model

arrow Creating scenes to capture particular views

arrow Making animations with scenes

arrow Cutting slices through your model with section planes

arrow Generating plans and sections

After you make a model, you probably want to show it to someone. How you present your work depends on the idea you want to convey. The tricky part about using SketchUp to present a model isn’t actually using the tools; it’s choosing the right tools to get your idea across without a bunch of extra information distracting your audience. Most 3D models have so much to look at that the real challenge is finding a presentation method that helps you focus on the stuff you want to talk about.

In this chapter, I talk about three ways to show off your models without ever leaving SketchUp. If you’ve made a building, you can walk around inside it. You can even walk up and down stairs and ramps — just like in a video game. You can create animated ...

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