Skills for New Managers, 2nd Edition

Book description


Managing people is one of the most demanding yet career-enhancing and rewarding skills you can have. Skills for New Managers, Second Edition, provides everything you need to excel as a manager from day one. From hiring productive employees to developing mentoring, leadership, and coaching skills, this fast-paced, easy-to-understand guide is your blueprint for managing your staff to success.

  • Getting results by knowing when to speak up--and when to listen
  • Motivating your staff to exceed expectations
  • Delegating tasks and dealing with crises
  • Running meetings that are organized and focused

Briefcase Books, written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page:

  • Clear definitions of key terms and concepts
  • Tactics and strategies for managing your staff
  • Tips for executing the tactics in the book
  • Practical advice for minimizing the possibility of error
  • Warning signs for when things are about to go wrong
  • Examples of successful management tactics
  • Specific planning procedures, tactics, and hands-on techniques

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Skills for New Managers, Second Edition
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1. The Perfect New Manager
    1. Who’s Your Model?
    2. Rating Your Leadership
    3. Drafting Your Own “Management Credo”
    4. Paying the Price of Success
    5. “Use” Your Employees—Without Making Them Feel Used
    6. Testing Your Assumptions
    7. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 1
  7. 2. Piercing Six Myths of Management
    1. Myth 1: You Must Call All the Shots
    2. Myth 2: You Can’t Trust Anyone
    3. Myth 3: You Must Remain Objective at All Times
    4. Myth 4: You Must Defend Your Staff
    5. Myth 5: You Cannot Back Down
    6. Myth 6: You’re the Best Teacher
    7. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 2
  8. 3. Building Momentum in a New Job
    1. Consistency Counts
    2. Love at First Sight?
    3. Score a Quick Win
    4. Unclog “Input Channels”
    5. Are You Ready for Anything?
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 3
  9. 4. Managing to Listen
    1. Tapping the Power of Silence
    2. What’s to Learn?
    3. The Three Steps of Listening
    4. Fighting Off the Defensive Reflex
    5. How’s Your Body Language?
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 4
  10. 5. Speaking Like a Leader
    1. A Voice That Roars
    2. Packaging Your Points
    3. Pruning the Deadwood
    4. Asking the Right Questions
    5. Make Your Words Sink In
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 5
  11. 6. The Art of Motivation
    1. Press the Right Buttons
    2. Moving Beyond Money
    3. Knowledge: The Ultimate Motivator
    4. Motivating the “Unmotivatable”
    5. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 6
  12. 7. Dishing Out Criticism
    1. Focus on Performance, Not Personality
    2. Express Criticism as a Question
    3. Connect Past to Future
    4. Avoid Criticism That Bites Back
    5. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 7
  13. 8. Discipline That Pays Off
    1. What’s at Stake?
    2. Disciplining the Uncooperative Pest
    3. How to Play Referee
    4. When to “Write Up” an Employee
    5. Getting Personal
    6. Discipline That Sticks
    7. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 8
  14. 9. The Organized Manager
    1. Are You Running on Time?
    2. Maximizing Each Hour
    3. Invest in the Future
    4. Banishing Time Wasters
    5. Showcasing Your Organizational Skills
    6. Making Meetings Work
    7. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 9
  15. 10. Delegating the Right Way
    1. Loosening Your Grip
    2. Giving Good Directions
    3. Choosing with Care
    4. Managing a Breakdown
    5. Bottom-Up Delegation
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 10
  16. 11. Managing the Boss
    1. Upward Communication Traps
    2. Caught in the Middle
    3. Pick the Right Personality
    4. The Magic of “Underpromise/Overdeliver”
    5. Giving Progress Reports
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 11
  17. 12. Cultivating a Network
    1. Maximize Social Media
    2. Enliven Your Presence
    3. Make the First Minute Count
    4. Tracking Your Progress
    5. Who Knows About You?
    6. Fighting Off Fears
    7. Mingling with Outsiders
    8. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 12
  18. 13. Leading Teams to Triumph
    1. Manage Your Message
    2. Give Everyone Equal Attention
    3. Confront Conflict Head-On
    4. The Truth About Brainstorming
    5. Know What You Don’t Know
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 13
  19. 14. Five Tests Every Manager Faces
    1. Managing Contract Workers
    2. Supervising People You Can’t See
    3. Managing Peers
    4. Spying on Workers
    5. Combating Workplace Violence
    6. New Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 14
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Skills for New Managers, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Morey Stettner
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071827157