Chapter 2. Hooking Up with Skype

In This Chapter

  • Downloading and installing Skype

  • Establishing your Skype Name

  • Presenting yourself to the world with your Skype Profile

  • Testing your connection settings

  • Eliminating feedback and echoes

  • Making your first Skype call

  • Searching for fellow skypers

Setting up Skype and getting it working for you is not difficult, and you can do it using the quick steps presented in Chapter 1. Knowing about the process in greater detail, however, will help you get comfortable with Skype more quickly. That's what this chapter is for. Also in this chapter, you find out how to install Skype and create a new account; how to fill in your profile to let the world know who you are; how to find others on Skype; and, best of all, what to do to make a Skype call and start speaking to the rest of the world through your computer.


As mentioned in Chapter 1, the Web pages on are constantly being enhanced. So, they may change from time to time. Don't be surprised if the Web pages you're looking at don't exactly match the screen shots in this book.

Downloading and Installing Skype

Ready to get started? First, pick up the latest version of Skype:

  1. With your Internet browser open, enter in the address line to open the Home page of the Skype Web site.

  2. Click the Download button on the Skype home page to open the Download page.

  3. Click the link for the computer platform that you use to download the software and then click the word Download immediately under the ...

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