"I'll skype you" is quickly replacing, "I'll email you," which ousted "I'll call you." Before any of these, of course, came "I'll send a telegram," which was supplanted by "I'll write you." The need to extend face-to-face communication launched industries around distance messaging, and Skype joins this chorus of change with a "voice" that resonates through the Internet. Skype, however, is not just another way to say hello. Skype combines the power of email, telephony, telegrams, and letters by providing an avenue for text, data, voice, and even video communication. Skype reaches across oceans but has tools to make the experience intimate. You can exchange files as easily as handing someone a piece of paper. You can see eye-to-eye through video conferencing. You can convene a group of friends with ease. Millions of people are discovering all this versatility with Skype. Skype For Dummies makes it easy for you to join them.

About This Book

Skype is simple to download and start using, so why write an entire book about it? There's much more to Skype than simply calling someone from one PC to another, and Skype For Dummies opens your eyes to the many ways in which you can put Skype to use, with exciting possibilities for both your personal and professional development.

As is true for the world of technology in general, Skype technology is a rapidly moving and dynamically evolving target. So some of the software or gadgets we describe here may have already changed between our ...

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