The following configuration strings (tags) have special meaning for certain SpamAssassin configuration options (noted after the following code strings):

 _YESNOCAPS_ "YES"/"NO" for is/isn't spam _YESNO_ "Yes"/"No" for is/isn't spam _HITS_ message score _REQD_ message threshold _VERSION_ version (eg. 2.55) _SUBVERSION_ sub-version (eg. 1.187-2003-05-15-exp) _HOSTNAME_ hostname _BAYES_ bayes score _AWL_ AWL modifier _DATE_ rfc-2822 date of scan _STARS(*)_ one * (use any character) for each score point (50 at most) _RELAYSTRUSTED_ relays used and deemed to be trusted _RELAYSUNTRUSTED_ relays used that can not be trusted _AUTOLEARN_ autolearn status ("ham", "no", "spam") _TESTS(,)_ tests hit separated by, (or other separator) _TESTSSCORES(,)_ ...

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