SpamAssassin Configuration

In the last part of this chapter, we look at the SpamAssassin application: how to use it and how to integrate it into your mail infrastructure.

SpamAssassin is broken down into the following major user-accessible components:

  • spamassassin— The Perl program meant to be used as a per-user command line interface. It is not designed to be used in high-volume environments; instead, use spamc/spamd or call the libraries directly.

  • spamc— A very efficient interface to the Spamassassin processor, written in C. It is meant to be called from scripts and designed to communicate with spamd, the daemonized version of spamassassin.

  • spamd— The daemonized version of the spamassassin program. It is meant to be used with spamc, but it doesn’t ...

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