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Sleeping with the Enemy: Running Windows® on a Mac®

Book Description

Sleeping with the Enemy: Running Windows on a Mac provides the information Mac users need to understand the options for running Windows on a Mac and to choose the best fit for them. It includes detailed information on installing, configuring, and using both kinds of Windows environments. Important topics include sharing peripheral devices, networking, accessing the Internet, transferring data between the operating systems, and protecting the Mac environment from Windows viruses and other threats.

Introduction Sleeping with the Enemy

Part I         Running Windows on a Mac Using a Dual Boot Solution

Chapter 1    Downloading, Installing, and Removing Boot Camp and Windows XP

Chapter 2    Running and Configuring Windows Using Boot Camp

Chapter 3    Networking and Connecting to the Internet Using Windows

Chapter 4    Protecting Your Windows Environment from Internet Attacks

Chapter5     Running Windows on a Mac Using Boot Camp

Part II       Running Windows on a Mac Using a Virtual Machine

Chapter 6    Installing Windows XP in a Virtual Machine

Chapter 7    Controlling and Configuring a Windows Virtual Machine

Chapter 8    Running Windows in a Virtual Machine