Small Business Exposed

Book description

This book is a look into the world of the small business owner through their eyes – how the five different "tribes" of business perceive the world around them, how they run their businesses, their motivations and goals. It’s not another "how to" book or an academic treatise.

Everyone’s needs and hopes are different; however, by using cutting-edge social scientific research techniques, we break the business community into five groups (or tribes): The Seekers, Whatnows, Drifters, Satisficers and Digitals. Each tribe has its own set of issues. And there are also some things which cut across all the tribes – the consistent elements in small business owners’ DNA. Understanding which tribe you belong to could make the difference in growing your business – or help you better advise businesses to achieve their goals.

Small Business Exposed will bridge the gap between the frontiers of small business research and the popular business book market. As such, it will become an essential text not only for the small businessperson, but also enter the libraries of advisors, accountants, bankers and anyone else with a vested interest in the business economy.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Figures
  6. Tables
  7. Preface
  8. Part I The nature of the small firm
    1. 1 Game changer
      1. Understanding the different tribes
      2. A different perspective
    2. 2 Small firms in the economy (and solar system)
      1. The global picture
      2. The Australian context
      3. The small business solar system
      4. Conclusion: getting back to earth
    3. 3 The nature of the small firm
      1. Defining the small firm
      2. What motivates small business ownership?
      3. Stages in the business lifecycle
      4. Conclusion
    4. 4 Finding the five tribes
      1. Finding the tribes: method
      2. Unpacking the factors: small business overall
      3. Unpacking the sub-factors
      4. Segmentation of small business
      5. Introducing part II: case interviews
      6. Conclusion
  9. Part II The five tribes
    1. 5 Seekers
      1. Introducing the Seekers
      2. The Seekers: David and Harry
      3. Access to finance
      4. Managing cash flow, costs and overheads
      5. Competition and maintaining and growing revenues
      6. Revenue
      7. Conclusion
    2. 6 Whatnows
      1. Introducing the Whatnows
      2. The Whatnows: Sharna and Andrew
      3. Competition
      4. Economic uncertainty
      5. Maintaining and growing revenues
      6. Managing cash flow, costs and overheads
      7. Conclusion
    3. 7 Drifters
      1. Introducing the Drifters
      2. The Drifters: Eric and Alan
      3. Red tape, taxation and compliance
      4. Managing cash flows, costs and overheads
      5. Human capital and firm growth
      6. Conclusion
    4. 8 Satisficers
      1. Introducing the Satisficers
      2. Satisficing
      3. The Satisficers: Glenda and Ralf
      4. Conclusion
    5. 9 Digitals
      1. Introducing the Digitals
      2. The Digitals: Lisa, Guy and Steve
      3. Technology and systems change
      4. Research and development
      5. Timely information to manage the business
      6. Competition
      7. Conclusion
    6. 10 Putting the pieces together
      1. A world of differences?
      2. The common tribal elements
      3. Independence and control
      4. Satisfaction and lifestyle
      5. Family support
      6. No succession plan
      7. Crossing the boundaries
      8. Where to next?
    7. Appendix 1
    8. Appendix 2
    9. Glossary
    10. Index

Product information

  • Title: Small Business Exposed
  • Author(s): Scott Holmes, Michael T. Schaper
  • Release date: February 2018
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781351818872