Chapter 12

Tapping Technology

In This Chapter

arrow Ramping up your business’s efficiency by using technology and the Internet

arrow Researching business ideas and finance options online

arrow Using the web to market your business

Most of the time, technology enables small-business owners to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Hence, we encourage you to keep a finger on the pulse of technology and its role in your type of business. In fact, if you fail to track and take advantage of useful technology, your business could end up getting thumped by your competition (for more on the needs of a growing business, head to Chapter 20). However, like any tool, technology can be misused or overused and become more costly than it has to be.

Using technology effectively can help you do many things for your business:

check.png Save you and/or your employees time

check.png Stimulate ideas that can help make your business grow larger and more profitable

Manage your personal and business finances (think online banking ...

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