Chapter 17

Providing Employee Benefits

In This Chapter

arrow Selecting a retirement plan for you and your company

arrow Exploring the option of sharing equity with your employees

arrow Designing and securing a quality health-insurance plan

arrow Making sense of disability, life, and other insurance plans and benefits

What do you think is the most valuable benefit an employee can receive from an employer? If you answered health insurance, you have plenty of company. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), by a 3:1 margin, American workers view their health insurance as their most prized employee benefit in comparison to retirement benefits.

However, if you examine the monetary value of all benefits that employers offer, retirement plan benefits are actually the most financially valuable in the long run.

This chapter is all about benefits, so read on to find out which ones may make sense for your company to offer.

Seeing the Real Value in Retirement Plans

For sure, other benefits such as life and disability insurance may be important to many employees. These benefits, however, are far ...

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