Chapter 20

Cultivating a Growing Business

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the evolution of a growing business

arrow Addressing issues in human resources

arrow Managing time in a budding business

arrow Pairing the right management tools with your growing business

arrow Finding solutions for business problems

arrow Making the transition from entrepreneur to manager (or moving on)

Given the choice, most small-business owners would prefer that their companies grow rather than not grow, stagnate, or even fail. After all, growth is the American way — not to mention it’s also one of the typical entrepreneur’s primary motivators.

This chapter is for you if your business is presently on a growth track or (you hope) soon will be. In it, we provide you with insights into what awaits you on your journey, along with tips on how to survive the trip and prosper as you go. We warn you, however, that growth — especially that of the ...

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