Hiring Help for Website Creation

Chapter 10 is all about developing an online presence for your business. This section focuses on hiring the help you’ll need as you establish and develop web visibility. Keep in mind that hiring a web design firm entails most of the steps involved in hiring an agency (refer to the previous section), plus a few more.

Looking for help

When businesses look to hire an ad agency, they contact ad agencies. In contrast, when they look to hire help for their website, too often they contact friends, relatives, or the guy down the street. Advice: Seek help from someone who not only has experience but also has a business doing the kind of work you need done. Here’s how to begin the selection process:

check.png Search online for web designers in your city. If you’re considering a shop that doesn’t appear in the results, move on to another candidate. If the business you’re considering can’t optimize its own online presence, it probably can’t optimize yours. Instead, contact companies that appear high in results. Even if they handle projects bigger than the one you’re undertaking, chances are good they can refer you to smaller shops they know and trust.

check.png Check out the website of any firm you’re considering. Is it fast to load, attractive to look at, easy to navigate, and ...

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