Maintaining and Protecting Your Brand

For something so powerful, brands are surprisingly vulnerable. They thrive with consistency and they wither under the attack of zigs and zags in message, experience, and management. The best way to grow a healthy brand is to follow two steps:

check.png Establish your brand message and creative strategy.

check.png Put controls in place to protect your brand and ensure its consistent presentation.

Staying consistent with your brand message and creative strategy

Your creative strategy is the plan that directs the development of all your marketing communications. It defines

check.png Your target market

check.png The believable and meaningful benefit you offer to your market

check.png The way you present your personality in your communications

Writing your creative strategy

You can write your creative strategy in three sentences that define the purpose, approach, and personality that will guide the creation of your marketing communications, following this formula:

1. “The purpose of our marketing communications ...

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