Keeping Your Social Media Efforts Active and Engaging

Participate with your social media networks through a combination of three activities:

check.png Sharing useful, relevant, interesting information, called content, created by your business.

check.png Sharing — basically re-gifting — useful, relevant, interesting content created and shared by others.

check.png Sharing your thanks, praise, expertise, and input by adding your comments to others’ posts.

Sharing content

Businesses that pull people to their pages online do so with useful, relevant, consistently presented information that takes time and discipline to create.

tip.eps If you have a blog this part gets easier, because maintaining a blog forces you to create useful information that you can then repurpose to feed into your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, feature on Twitter, pin on Pinterest, and compile into newsletters and mailings. Chapter 12 is all about blogging and definitely worth checking out.

With or without a blog, however, take these steps:

check.png Develop content ...

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