Reaching Out to Marketing Pros

Whether to call on marketing professionals depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, the audience you’re targeting, the talent available within your company, the size and scope of the effort you’re about to undertake, and the communications tools you need to create.

Sometimes, especially with lower-budget or short-life materials, the help you need may be available through print shops, media outlets, or online resources. Turn to Chapter 10 for website-building advice, Chapter 13 for ad-creation tips, and Chapter 16 for help creating printed marketing materials.

When to bring in marketing experts

Seeking outside help is like most business investments — you can’t afford to dive in too soon or wait too long. Here’s when to bring in the pros:

check.png When you’re creating a long-life marketing piece. If you’re creating a logo, ad campaign, website, or any other major marketing piece that will represent your business for years to come, invest in professional assistance if you’re not certain that your own talents are up to the task.

check.png When doing your own marketing takes you or your staff away from more profitable activities. Focus on doing what you do best and contract with marketing professionals to do what they do best.

When the budget for a single marketing effort ...

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