Publishing Brochures

People who aren’t professional marketers hear the word collateral and think of the assets you have to pledge when you’re trying to get a bank loan. To marketers, though, collateral means brochures, fliers, fact sheets, sales folders, posters, and all the other forms of printed material that carry your logo, message, and reputation into the marketplace.

Of all forms of collateral, you’ll hear the most talk about brochures. It used to be that every business had a brochure. Even today, when most people turn to websites for business information (if you don’t have one, see Chapter 10 pronto), most marketers feel naked without a printed piece they can hand out. Few, though, can say why they need a brochure — and many don’t.

You need a brochure if

check.png You don’t use the web.

check.png Your business would benefit from a printed piece that you can send ahead of sales presentations to pave the way for your visit or that you can leave afterward to help the person you met with share key points about your business with others who may influence the purchase decision.

check.png You’re trying to communicate with individuals who aren’t easily or affordably reached by mass media but who are likely to pick ...

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