Turning Prospects into Customers

remember.eps Most people become customers over time and after encountering multiple marketing messages from your business. Plan your marketing communications to move prospects through the steps illustrated in Figure 19-1 and described in this list:

1. Gain positive attention and awareness.

Because people tend to do business with people and businesses they know and trust, prospect conversion begins with awareness development. Use advertising, one-to-one communications, publicity, networking, and presentations to introduce your company and to develop positive perceptions in the minds of prospects and those who influence your prospects’ purchase decisions.

2. Generate interest in the advantages and benefits of your product or service.

Your objective at this stage is to convey how your offering provides a unique solution to customer wants and needs and to make people think, this sounds worth looking into.

3. Heighten the prospect’s purchase desire.

Use one-to-one communications, promotions, and special offers to draw prospects to your business and to prompt them to schedule face-to-face meetings, watch product demonstrations, obtain samples or price proposals, or take other steps that help deepen their belief that your product uniquely addresses their wants and needs.

4. Close the sale.

Present your offer, address questions, overcome objections, help the ...

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