Getting Started in Four Necessary Steps

To engage your business in social media, take the following four steps — if you haven’t already done so — and then dive in. After that it’s a matter of committing to a manageable set of ongoing activities. The result: Greater business exposure that leads to more website traffic, more qualified leads, and improved search engine rankings. Did you just hear the door slamming on your lingering doubts?

1. Define your objectives

In descending order, most small businesses say their social media objectives are to connect with customers, enhance visibility and awareness, promote business offerings, share news quickly, and stay on top of market and industry news and trends. What are your aims?

check.png Do you want your business to become known as a trusted thought leader in your field?

check.png Do you want to attract the attention of new customers or influencers by getting useful information in front of them?

check.png Do you want to broaden your network of contacts with others in your field?

check.png Do you want to spark more conversation with and receive more input from customers and prospective ...

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