Putting Surface Direct Mail to Work

With all other forms of advertising, you send messages through media channels matched to your market profile in general, but with direct mail, you aim your marketing investment precisely at those prospects who possess the exact characteristics that make them likely to buy from your business.

Developing a great list

Most surface direct mail programs involve one of the following types of lists:

check.png Demographic lists: These include addresses for people who match the age, profession, household income, and other lifestyle aspects of those most apt to purchase your products.

check.png Geographic lists: These include addresses for people who live in the cities or zip code areas that match your market area.

check.png Geodemographic lists: These include addresses of individuals in your targeted geographic market area who also match the demographic attributes of your prospect profile. For example, a geodemographic list might target prospects in a specific zip code area who live in homes assessed at $300,000 or more.

You can create your own list, called a house list, by using your customer contacts as well as the names and addresses of prospects that you collect from other sources. ...

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