Public/Private Functions
Above e section shows a view east toward
the main living space from the bedrooms. In
the upper bedroom, the ceiling is excavated
to reveal two corrugated steel vaults be-
tween the joists that provide additional head
room—a fortuitous discovery—as the overall
oor-to-ceiling height is just over 14 feet
(4.3 meters). Additional space is captured by
cantilevering the bed over the hall.  e lower
half of the cube contains a nearly 6.5-foot
(2-meter)-high bedroom with a low, wide
door in front that makes it convenient for the
parents to check on the baby sleeping in her
crib inside. Child-height doors and windows
also connect the lower bedroom to the public
Small Environments
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70 Small Environments
Right e addition of the stacked bedroom
spaces concentrates the private quarters in
the rear of the residence and keeps the living
area as open as possible.  e bedroom block
becomes part of a storage system along the
west wall of the loft and reads as part of
the perimeter walls rather than as a discon-
nected object in space. Effi ciency of use and
economy of material provide organization:
e music library above the clothing closets
takes advantage of the loft’s height.
cantilevered fl oor and bed
Evan’s door
resin stair and balcony
existing masonry loft building
walk-in dressing rooms
Small Environments
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Public/Private Functions
Above and Left e cantilevered bed also
provides spatial defi nition for the entry
sequence. Walking into the loft from the
entrance door just beyond the brick bearing
wall, one encounters a lower ceiling height
that extends the threshold before one steps
into the high, open space.  e ebonized oak
band at the cantilever continues the material
of the loft bed inside.
Small Environments
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72 Small Environments
i29 Offi ce for Spatial Design, Kempenlaan
Apartment, Amsterdam, Netherlands
To keep the interior spacious yet structured,
the architects approached this apartment
renovation by way of furniture design. A
single piece of custom-built casework orga-
nizes the apartment into public and private
zones, yet creates the experience of a larger
open space.  e main body of the casework
is spray-fi nished MDF, which frames an oak
alcove in the living room.
Small Environments
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Top e artful placement and composition
of the cabinet control the views through the
apartment: An opening in the cabinet allows
a glimpse of the bedroom area beyond with-
out sacrifi cing privacy.
Above While acting as a screen, the case-
work provides the apartment with nearly all
its common storage space. In the living area,
its lower half accommodates stereo and tele-
vision equipment and the free end serves as
a wardrobe; more storage is accessible from
both sides of the unit above the open shelf.
Public/Private Functions
Small Environments
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