6 Social Factors in Human-Agent Teaming

Celso M. de Melo, Benjamin T. Files, Kimberly A. Pollard and Peter Khooshabeh

DOI: 10.1201/9781003215349-6


  1. 6.1 Social Factors in Human-Agent Teaming
  2. 6.2 Theoretical Foundations
  3. 6.3 Verbal Communication
  4. 6.4 Nonverbal Communication
  5. 6.5 Social Groups
  6. 6.6 Individual Traits
  7. 6.7 General Discussion
  8. 6.8 Author Note
  9. References

6.1 Social Factors in Human-Agent Teaming

The last two decades have seen an explosion of interest in autonomous agents – such as robots, drones, self-driving cars, and home assistants – and the expectation is that these agents will become even more pervasive in society in the future (Bonnefon et al., 2016; de Melo et al., 2019; Stone & Lavine, 2014; Waldrop, 2015). As autonomous ...

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