Using SMART Recorder

The SMART Recorder enables you to record your on-screen actions presenting or delivering a lesson on your interactive whiteboard. You can use the SMART Recorder to create a step-by-step video tutorial every time you deliver a lecture, or you can create the tutorials, on your own, and then make them available to your audience. All you need is the SMART Notebook software and a microphone.

tip.eps Be sure to back up the video on your own flash drive or computer if you’re on a network and sharing the interactive whiteboard with colleagues.

Creating a recording

To create a recording, you only need yourself, access to your files, and a steady hand and voice.

remember.eps You can always re-record if you find that your first recording is embarrassingly bad. You’ll get better with practice.

To create a recording, follow these steps:

1. Press the SMART Board icon in the Notification Area (Windows) or Dock (Mac), and then press Recorder.

The SMART Recorder opens (see Figure 12-6).

Figure 12-6: The SMART Recorder.


2. If you don’t want the SMART Recorder toolbar to appear in the recording, choose MenuHide to System Tray (see Figure 12-7).

Figure 12-7: Hiding the SMART Recorder toolbar. ...

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