Your Interactive Whiteboard

One of the first things you need to know is how to synchronize your touch accurately with the interactive whiteboard. This is important because you need the cursor to appear where your finger or pen is positioned. SMART refers to this process as orientation. All this entails is aligning the projected image with the working area on the interactive whiteboard.

Orienting your interactive whiteboard

Before you can use your interactive whiteboard to deliver a fantastic presentation, you need to orient it to make sure your cursor appears where you’re pressing.

tip.eps I recommend that you check with both your finger and the pen. You may find that your finger is aligned and the pen may be slightly off point. If this happens, no need to panic — putting it right is quite simple.

When orientation is needed

You’ll need to orient your interactive whiteboard in the following situations:

check.png During initial setup: You’ll need to orient the interactive whiteboard before you can use it to activate and control applications.

check.png If the interactive whiteboard or the projector is moved: Often, even repositioning the projector may require you to go through the orientation process again.

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