Creating, Displaying, and Cloning SMART Notebook Pages

To create a new SMART Notebook file, open SMART Notebook software; a new blank page opens by default. If you’ve already created a file, open the file by choosing File⇒Open.

In the following sections, I show you how to create pages, display pages, and clone pages.

Creating pages

When you first open the software, a new blank page appears by default. If you want to add a new, blank page to a file, you have a couple options. One of the easiest ways is to click the Add Page icon on the toolbar (the icon looks like a page with a green plus sign). The new page appears as a thumbnail below the current page (see Figure 7-1).

The other way to create a new page is to use the Page Sorter. To insert a page using the Page Sorter, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the Page Sorter is visible (you should see it on the side of the screen).

If the Page Sorter isn’t appearing, click the Page Sorter tab on the left side of the screen, and the Page Sorter appears on the left with a default page.

2. Click the thumbnail of the page after which you want the new page to appear.

remember.eps The new page appears after the page you selected.

3. Click the thumbnail’s menu arrow, and select Insert Blank Page (see Figure 7-2).

The new blank page appears.

Figure 7-1: The New Page icon, the Page Sorter tab, and the new page thumbnail.

Figure 7-2: Using the ...

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