Using Voice Conferencing

When you use Bridgit software, participants can interact with the presenter by typing questions and answers into a text box or using the software’s voice feature. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) feature allows participants to talk to each other during a meeting. The meeting owner administers this functionality. (Refer to Chapter 13 for more on the various roles — owner, presenter, participant — of meeting attendees.)

Talking in a meeting

remember.eps Before your participants are able to talk in a meeting, they first need to run the Audio Setup Wizard, which allows them to set the volume levels of their speakers or headphones and microphone (see Chapter 13).

To be able to talk in a meeting, or to enable your participants to talk, follow these steps:

1. Press or click the Open My Mic button on the Audio Controls toolbar.

If you can’t see the Open My Mic button, click the Show/Hide Audio Controls button (see Figure 14-1). The participants should be able to hear you when you speak into or near the microphone.

Figure 14-1: The Show/Hide Audio Controls button.


2. Adjust the volume by sliding the slider located on the Audio Controls toolbar.

This volume control adjusts both the microphone and the headphones or speakers.

3. When you finish speaking, click Close ...

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