Bridgit Meeting Basics

You can create a meeting or attend a meeting set up by someone else. Before you get started doing either of these things, you need to consider what role you want to play in the meeting. You also need to know your way around the tools at your disposal in a Bridgit meeting. I cover both of these topics in this section.

To be or not to be: What role do you want to play?

When you participate in a meeting using Bridgit, you have one of three roles: owner, presenter, or participant. When you’re in a meeting, the owner and the presenter are highlighted in the list of attendees.

Here’s what each role is responsible for:

check.png Owner: The owner is the creator of the meeting on the SMART Bridgit Server. You can view this role as the boss or the person in charge. The owner can adjust the meeting settings. But, as the person in charge, the owner has specific powers no other role has, such as the ability to

• Adjust the audio

• Take over sharing of the desktop

• Draw on the desktop

• Talk in a meeting and share webcams

• Disconnect all participants and end the meeting

check.png Presenter: The presenter shares the desktop. This role is given to the person talking and presenting information. The presenter can disable the capabilities of participants, but not of the owner. The presenter ...

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