Working with SMART Notebook Files

Now that you know what a SMART Notebook file looks like, you need to know how to work with files. In this section, I walk you through opening, saving, exporting, and printing files, as well as attaching files to e-mail messages.

Creating a new SMART Notebook file

To create a new SMART Notebook file, choose File⇒New. A .notebook file will open with a first page.

Opening an existing SMART Notebook file

If you want to open an existing .notebook file, follow these steps:

1. Choose FileOpen.

The Open dialog box appears.

2. Select the file you want to open, and click the Open button.

The file opens.

Saving a SMART Notebook file

To save a file, follow these steps:

1. Choose FileSave or FileSave As.

The Save or Save As dialog box (shown in Figure 6-2) appears.

Figure 6-2: The Save As dialog box.


2. Give your file a name and click OK.

Note that the file will be saved in your default directory, as a .notebook file. If you want to save the file in a different directory or on another drive, just locate that directory or drive and save the file there.

tip.eps You can set up SMART Notebook software to save a file automatically, after you start interacting with a new or different page or after a specific period of time. This feature can be very useful if ...

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