Using the SMART Video Player

The SMART Video Player is part of the software and drivers that are included with the interactive whiteboard. You can use it to play DVDs, specific video files, or video on the Internet. Accessibility is very flexible — you can use a video hardware device that’s connected to the computer or the DVD drive in the computer; you also can upload a video file or link to one on the Internet. Watching a video on the huge screen is impressive — the resolution and sound are fantastic. But that’s not the coolest thing about the SMART Video Player. What adds another dimension is the capability to use SMART software to write over the videos on the interactive whiteboard.

Playing a video

You can open the SMART Video Player by doing one of the following:

check.png Selecting the SMART Board icon in the Windows notification area or Mac Dock and pressing Video Player.

check.png Customizing the Floating Tools toolbar so that the video player is on the toolbar.

After you’ve opened the SMART Video Player, follow these steps to play a video:

1. Choose FileOpen or FileOpen URL if you’re accessing the video from the Internet.

2. Press the Play button.

The video begins.

3. To pause the video, press the Pause button.

4. Press the Stop button to stop the video.

Figure 12-5 shows the Full Screen ...

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