Chapter 5

Setting Smart Call Objectives and Never Being Rejected Again

Unless you like to joyride in the countryside, you usually don’t get in your vehicle and say, “I’m going to start my car, and then just start driving. We’ll see what happens.” No, you get in your car because you have a very specific destination in mind. Then you figure out what route you need to take to get there. You follow that route, and usually, you arrive.

However, sales reps often take this type of impromptu, poorly prepared approach with their potential clients, and begin prospecting calls like an unfocused driver. They start talking about a given topic but meander around in circles, never ending at a desired destination since they didn’t establish one to begin with. Maybe you’ve had that feeling after a call—the one where you shake your head, thinking, “What just happened on that call? I was all over the place.”

Begin with the end in mind.

—Habit Two, from Steven Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

When sitting with sales reps on individual coaching sessions, I always ask for their objectives before calls. I hear such things as:

“I want to see who they’re buying from now.”
“I’d like to qualify and send out some info.”
“I want to see if they have any needs.”

None of those are primary objectives. Granted, they should all be accomplished, but none are the end result you’re ideally looking for on a call. That is your primary objective.

In order to maximize your chances for success on your ...

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