Chapter 14

Recommending the Next Step

If you’ve made it this far with your prospects—and things have progressed according to plan—you now have them thinking about their needs, pains, problems, or desires. This is precisely where we want them so that we can present—in the most favorable light—how we would be able to help them.

But how do you know when you have arrived at that magic moment when it is finally time to talk about what you would do for them and recommend the next steps?

I can’t tell you exactly what that is—for you, at least. Every situation differs and depends on lots of variables—including what you sell, your objectives, and your prospect’s mind-set when your call arrived. Sometimes we get lucky and contact them when they are actively looking for what we sell and it happens quickly. Other times, we might never reach that point—since there is not a fit. However, I can describe the ideal time generally; it’s when you feel that you have sufficiently moved your prospects to the point where they will be receptive to hearing how you may be able to help.

In my own experience, I’ve faced both kinds of situations. There have been times when I’ve gone just a few short questions before recommending, while in other cases, an entire hour went by before I told the prospect what I could do for them.

Regardless of when that point arrives for you, there is a suggested process for delivering your recommendation effectively. I also have a number of other tips to help you make it more ...

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