Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens

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The smart city movement is on a roll. Companies such as GE, Cisco, IBM, and Siemens are looking to transform major cities through advanced computer technologies, sensors, high-speed data networks, predictive analytics, big data, and the IoT. But, as Mike Barlow explains in this O’Reilly report, the story goes beyond technology. Citizens, too, will need to play a large role in turning cities into smart, livable environments.

According to a United Nations report, by 2050 two-thirds of humanity will live in more than 40 mega-cities of 10 million people each. All of them will need to determine how to deliver more services with fewer resources. Cities will have to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures wherever possible, through new technologies and other means.

To create a thriving environment where innovation can blossom, citizens will not only be called upon to generate much of the data, but they’ll also need to be at the center of decision-making, based on what that data reveals.

Download this report today, and learn about the progress that various groups and organizations have already made in major cities around the world, and what lies ahead for all of us.

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  • Title: Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens
  • Author(s): Mike Barlow
  • Release date: September 2015
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491939727