Chapter 25Large Scale Air-Quality Monitoring in Smart and Sustainable Cities

Xiaofan Jiang

Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, , NY, USA


  • To become familiar with the concept of air quality, metrics for evaluating air quality, and adverse health effects of high levels of particulate matter in the context of urban cities.
  • To become familiar with the current status of air quality monitoring technologies and their shortcomings.
  • To become familiar with the process of designing an end-to-end system for air quality monitoring, incorporating sensors, embedded systems, wireless communication, cloud, and data analytics.
  • To become familiar with large-scale physical data analytics through a combination of signal processing and machine learning techniques.
  • To become familiar with the development of open platforms for supporting web services and mobile applications.

25.1 Introduction

A clean and sustainable environment is an integral part of future smart cities. In particular, air is one of the most important shared resources on our planet. Unfortunately, the quality of air has deteriorated significantly over the past years for many cities.

According to a ...

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