Chapter 15 Relationships and familyThe L word

So here we are at chapter 15, the main reason I began this journey in the first place: the L word. Love. The first 14 chapters of this book teach you how to love yourself and become fully expressed on your own terms, but this one aims to help you attract love out in the big wide world.

Before we start, let me make one thing very clear: being single at any age is no longer unusual. It doesn’t mean, as your well-meaning aunt or friend may have suggested, that there’s something wrong with you. Nor that you’ve been left on the shelf. If anything, it simply means that you’re not willing to settle for something less than actual ‘Love’ — and that, my friend, no matter how much the world may tell you differently, is a good thing.

That said, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably weathered a few romantic tornadoes by now and are somewhat disenchanted by the reality of love relationships, or perhaps you’re trying other experimental approaches. That too is normal. However, the reason for your disillusionment is not as you suspect: it’s not simply because you’re crap at it. It’s more likely because your expectations are not in line with reality. And guess what? That’s not your fault.

Whose fault is it then?

Well, if you put down the baseball bat, I’ll tell you. While some of it may have to do with your earlier experiences of love, your ...

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