Smart Sales Manager

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Inside sales is overtaking field sales—and driving profits! Businesses now rely on it to generate up to 50% of their revenue. The exploding demand for inside sales leaders means that top reps are being promoted even if they are unprepared for management. Despite their expertise with traditional techniques, many don’t “get” the new world of Sales 2.0. They don’t know how to train their teams in social selling, digital communications, and disruptive content creation, skills that are absolutely vital in today’s sales environment. The pressure to produce can be crushing, but the guidance provided has been minimal…until now. Smart Sales Manager shows readers how they can lead their inside sales squads to success—from hiring and motivating to training, coaching, and more, including: • Customer 2.0: Selling to the new elusive buyer
• Tools 2.0: Choosing the best sales productivity and intelligence tools for their team
• Talent 2.0: Hiring, training, and retaining inside sales superheroes
• Manager’s cheat sheets: Motivational strategies to salvage deals, engage employees, and boost managerial clout. Complete with real-life examples and smart sales strategies, this indispensable resource will bring managers up to speed fast.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Managing Inside Sales in a 2.0 World
    1. Managing in the Sales 2.0 Ecosystem
    2. A Book Written Just for You
  8. Part One The New Normal: Managing the Sales 2.0 Ecosystem
    1. Chapter 1 Customer 2.0 Is Mad as Hell: Understanding the New Independent Buyer
      1. Meet the New Customer 2.0
      2. Decoding Customer 2.0
      3. The Team Meeting: Take Two
      4. Management Tips
    2. Chapter 2 Talent 2.0: Why Millennials Make a Winning Team of Disruptive Inside Sales Superheroes
      1. Meet Talent 2.0
      2. Decoding Talent 2.0
      3. The Kickoff Meeting: Take Two
      4. Management Tips
    3. Chapter 3 Tool Power 2.0: Sales 2.0 at Work
      1. The Power of Tools
      2. Tool Fuel Powers the Entire Sales Cycle
      3. How Tools Help Make Sales
      4. Tools: Take Two
      5. Management Tips
    4. Chapter 4 Prospecting 2.0: Inside Sales Superheroes in Action
      1. Building an Intelligent Prospecting 2.0 Strategy
      2. Outbound Call Campaigns and Blitzing
      3. Lead Generation and Content Nurturing
      4. Sales Skills Alignment
      5. Managing Your Team for Prospecting 2.0
      6. Prospecting Superheroes: Take Two
      7. Management Tips
  9. Part Two The Compassionate Manager 2.0: Your Playbook for Buildingan Effective Hiring, Training, and Coachiing Ecosystem
    1. Chapter 5 Hiring Superheroes: The Talent Building Blocks of an Inside Sales Organization
      1. Why Hiring Is So Difficult
      2. Nine Essentials to Developing an “Always-Be-Recruiting” Ecosystem
      3. The Recruitment: Take Two
      4. Management Tips
    2. Chapter 6 Training the Talent: Making Training Stick and Giving It Legs
      1. Why Training Is Low on the Priority List
      2. Building a Sustainable Training Infrastructure
      3. Determining the Appropriate Sales Training Curriculum for Your Team
      4. Choosing a Vendor Whose Primary Service Offering Is Inside Sales Training
      5. Selecting a Vendor That Incorporates the Sales 2.0 Ecosystem into Training
      6. Why Managers Need to Attend Team Trainings
      7. The Training Session: Take Two
      8. Management Tips
    3. Chapter 7 Ready, Set, Coach! Building an Integrated Coaching Program
      1. Structuring an Integrated Coaching Program
      2. Creating a Trust-Based Coaching Culture
      3. Calibrating Calls
      4. Compassionate Coaching Three Ways: In-Cube, Group, and Remote
      5. Who Gets Coaching: Stack-Ranking Your Team
      6. Ready, Set … Build Your Coaching Plan
      7. The Coaching Dilemma: Take Two
      8. Management Tips
    4. Chapter 8 You’re the Coach: Listening, Learning, and Giving Feedback
      1. Your Team in the Four Zones of Listening and Learning
      2. Coaching in the Four Zones
      3. Poorly Delivered Feedback Does Not Get Heard
      4. Coaching the Classic Inside Sales Personalities
      5. Coaching Feedback: Take Two
      6. Management Tips
    5. Chapter 9 Metrics 2.0: Call Activity Gets a Makeover
      1. When Sales Metrics Go Bad
      2. A Metrics Makeover for the New Normal
      3. All-Hands Team Meeting: Take Two
      4. Management Tips
  10. Part Three Motivate Fast! Smart Sales Manager 2.0
    1. Chapter 10 Flex Your Influence! Smart Strategies for Team Meetings
      1. Start Strong, Stay Strong
      2. Use the Whole Meeting Space
      3. Watch Your Body Language
      4. Let Your Tone Set the Mood
      5. Make It All About the Meeting Agenda
      6. Create Cohesive Team Dynamics
      7. Ask Compelling Questions
      8. Listen from the Observation Deck
      9. Set Late Penalties That Sting
      10. Invite Compelling Speakers
      11. Close with Energy
      12. Management Tips
    2. Chapter 11 Total Transparency: Smart Strategies for 1:1 Forecast Reviews
      1. Managers Strive for Total Forecast Accuracy
      2. Conduct a Pipeline Inspection Based on the TeleSmart 10 Skills
      3. Are You Feeling the Siri Effect?
      4. Management Tips
    3. Chapter 12 Contests, Spiffs, and Texts: Smart Strategies for Motivational Makeovers
      1. What Drives Motivation?
      2. What Motivates Your A-B-C Performers?
      3. Designing Contests and Spiffs
      4. Motivational Texting 1-2-3
      5. Team Outings
      6. Spreading the Word = Public Displays of Fun
      7. Management Tips
    4. Chapter 13 Tough Talks: Smart Strategies and Interventions for Low Performers and Problem Personalities
      1. Tough Talks with Low Performers
      2. Interventions for Problem Personalities
      3. Put Problem Salespeople on a Performance Improvement Plan
      4. Who Stays and Who Goes?
      5. Management Tips
  11. Notes
  12. Index
  13. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Smart Sales Manager
  • Author(s): Josiane Chriqui Feigon
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814432846