Chapter 7. Evolve to SOA pattern 351
Figure 7-28 ITSO3 EDI order message
To test the Web service flow, deploy to the broker the sample flow,
Acme_CreateOrder_MessageFlow, which is provided in the setup files. This flow mimics the
Supplier Order Web Service for the supplier ITSO1.
Copy the sample order file 2344.csv to the directory C:\lz01\orders\suppliers\. Also
ensure that the endpoints that are specified in the database script inserts.sql are updated
to the correct value. Remember that we had earlier used the command:
insert into SUPPLIER (supplierid, suppliername, forwardxsl, endpoint) values
Upon a successful Web service call, success messages will be available in the queue
ITSO.WAREHOUSE.ORDERS.SOAP.RESPQ. To confirm, we can also check the ORDER
Testing the order status flow
To test the order status flow, we need to mimic the supplier by developing a client for the
Order Status web service. To do so, we can use the Web Services explorer feature in the
Rational Application Developer product. This feature allows you to import the WSDL file, and
it automatically creates the test client for the web service. The IBM developerWorks® article
that is available at this website provides step-by-step guidance about how to use Web
Services explorer:
Import the Order Status WSDL from the setup files to Rational Application Developer and use
the Web service explorer to send updates to the warehouse. To verify that the order status is
updated, confirm by checking the table ORDER_STATUS.
7.5 Summary
In this chapter, we saw how we used the Evolve to service-oriented architecture (SOA)
pattern to resolve the challenges being faced by the ITSO Enterprise warehouse. We also
introduced the IBM product WebSphere Message Broker and showed its strengths, such as
pattern-based development, message transformation, and support for multiple protocols. This
352 Smart SOA Connectivity Patterns: Unleash the power of WebSphere Connectivity Portfolio
product helped ITSO Enterprise to reduce the impact of the changes that are made to the
format and location of services, both in terms of impact to the applications and in terms of
system management.
We also demonstrated the step-by-step implementation of the message flows using the
Message Broker Toolkit.

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