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This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides you with a technical overview of IBM
WebSphere® Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition V7.5.
Part 1 outlines the roles of a service registry and an enterprise service bus
(ESB), and explains the benefits of combining these technologies.
Part 2 focuses specifically on the ESB and registry that is offered by WebSphere
Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition. It also describes topology choices and
Part 3 presents a fictional business scenario that demonstrates how an
organization can register services and build simple and advanced mediations
using these services.
IT specialists, IT architects, and those who are looking for a technical discussion
of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition will find value in this
The team who wrote this book
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working
at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Raleigh Center.
Martin Keen is a Redbooks Project Leader in the Raleigh Center. He writes
extensively about WebSphere products and service-oriented architecture (SOA).
He also teaches IBM classes worldwide about WebSphere, SOA, and ESB.
Before joining the ITSO, Martin worked in the EMEA WebSphere Lab Services
team in Hursley, U.K. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Studies from
Southampton Institute of Higher Education.
Thomas Büttner is an IT Specialist working for IBM Software Services for
WebSphere in Germany. He is based in Cologne and has more than eight years
of experience in IT, including four years in Business Process Management and
Enterprise Application Integration. He holds a diploma degree in Information
Systems Management from the University of Leipzig in Germany. His areas of
expertise include WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server
and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. Thomas is an IBM Certified Solution
Developer for WebSphere Integration Developer, an IBM Certified System
xii Smart SOA Solutions with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition V7.5
Administrator for WebSphere Application Server, and an IBM Certified SOA
Aditya P Dutta is an IT Architect at IBM Global Business Services®, India. He
provides consulting and architectural assistance to IBM clients. He specializes in
BPM, SOA, and Enterprise Integration solutions using IBM middleware products.
Aditya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
from the College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneshwar, India. He has
published and presented at various IBM technical forums including
developerWorks® and technical conferences, and has coauthored IBM
Redbooks publications.
Bernardo Fagalde is a Senior IT Architect (Integration discipline) working for
IBM GBS. He is the SI&E competency leader for Uruguay. He has seven years of
experience in the field of SOA and Integration, and has worked for IBM for
10 years. Bernardo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the
public university of Uruguay (Universidad de la República—Facultad de
Ingeniería—Ingeniero en Computación). His areas of expertise include SOA,
Enterprise Architecture, Integration, J2EE, and the WebSphere family. He has
coauthored four IBM Redbooks publications.
Andrew Humphreys is a Consulting IT Specialist based at the IBM Hursley
Laboratory in the U.K. He is a Chartered Engineer and holds a Master’s degree
in Information Systems from The University of Huddersfield and a Bachelor’s
degree in Economics from City University, London. Andrew has extensive
experience in designing SOA- and ESB-style solutions, and in working with
clients in a variety of industries using a range of IBM and other technologies.
Nay Lin is a WebSphere IT Specialist at IBM, USA. He has 18 years of
experience in software engineering and 10 years of experience in the IT field. He
holds a degree in PhD from Arizona State University. Nay’s areas of expertise
include SOA solutions, SOA governance, and BPM. He has written extensively
on these areas.
Fatima Otori is a Mainframe Client Technical Professional based in Chicago, IL.
She has five years of experience in the WebSphere field. She holds a Bachelor
of Science degree from Tulane University and a Master's degree in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Her areas of expertise
include IBM WebSphere SOA/BPM Solutions and IBM WebSphere Connectivity
Solutions. Fatima has written extensively about Application Modernization,
Application Integration, and overall Business Process Improvement and
Jesús Ángel Sáenz Viguera is a WebSphere Technical Specialist at IBM Spain.
During his 12 years of experience as an IT professional he has performed
various technical roles including J2EE Developer, Technology Consultant and

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