Chapter 8. Implementing a mediation 303
Deploying the AccountCreationService_Med
To test the implementation of the mediation proxy module
AccountCreationService_Med, we need to deploy the mediation to the server. To
add the module to the server:
1. Go to the Servers view. Right-click WebSphere ESB v7.5 Server at
localhost, and select Add and Remove from the context menu.
2. Select the AccountCreationService_MedApp entry from the list of Available
resources, and click Add to add the application to the server configuration, as
shown in Figure 8-53.
3. Click Finish.
Figure 8-53 Add the application AccountCreationService_Med to the server
304 Smart SOA Solutions with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition V7.5
4. Review the application status in the Servers view. Wait until it is Started and
Synchronized as shown in Figure 8-54.
Figure 8-54 Application started and synchronized
Running the integrated test client
IBM Integration Designer comes with an Integration Test Client to test modules at
development time. To start the Integration Test Client for the web service export
ACS_WS_EXP from the mediation proxy module:
1. Right-click ACS_WS_EXP in the assembly diagram, and select Test
Component, as shown in Figure 8-55.
Figure 8-55 Start Integration Test Client for web service export ACS_WS_EXP
Chapter 8. Implementing a mediation 305
A new tab AccountCreationService_Med_Test opens. Review the test client
and the operation that is called. On the right side, specify the test data that is
used to create a test request against the chosen test component.
2. Insert the test data by right-clicking the Envelope* tag in the test data table.
3. Choose Import from File and navigate to the
Testdata_SOAPEnvelope_v1_0.xml file.
Example 8-1 shows the input data for the SOAP envelope. You can see this by
selecting XML editor in the Integration Test Client.
Example 8-1 Envelope data used as input for the message send to service endpoint
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soap:Envelope
e" xmlns:soap=""
<ns1:GEPHeaderBO xsi:type="ns1:GEPHeaderBO">
Downloading the file: You can find the file
Testdata_SOAPEnvelope_v1_0.xml in the additional material for this book.
For information about how to download this material, refer to Appendix A,
“Additional material” on page 395.
Alternatively, you can provide test data by manually setting the necessary
attributes in the Integration Test Client. However, importing the test data is
more convenient at this point.
306 Smart SOA Solutions with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition V7.5
<street>John Doe Rd</street>
<city>John Doe City</city>
<state>John Doe State</state>
<country>John Doe Country</country>
Chapter 8. Implementing a mediation 307
4. If the input data is set correctly, start the test client by clicking the button
as shown in Figure 8-56.
Figure 8-56 Integration Test Client for AccountCreationService_Med

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