Book number two, like the dreaded second album, has been both incredibly fulfilling and more than a little challenging. Could I do it again? Was I a one-hit wonder? Was Smart Work even a hit? All of those doubts crept in at night, but of course there were lots of people behind the scenes to support me and keep me on track.

First, a huge thank you to my family, who support me and create the space for me to do audacious things like write books. Finn, you inspire me and give my life meaning. Here's to many more mountains to climb!

To my family in Ireland. Not quite James Joyce, but not bad for a Dub! Thank you, Donal and Margaret, for always believing in me and talking me up to all at home.

To Vera, who has helped me to believe in the positive power of my message. You reflect the best version of me. Thank you.

To my team at Adapt — Tony, Chauntelle and Matt. I look forward to bringing Smart Teams to life with all of you. Thank you for supporting me while I wrote it.

To all of the Thought Leaders family. I am constantly inspired and driven by your amazing company. A special mention to my mentors, Matt and Pete. I would never have started this journey without your encouragement. Matt, focus is coming!

A big thank you to all of the amazing experts who contributed to this book through interviews. It was a blast, and I learned so much. Thank you, Colin, Matt, Donna, Lynne, Harley, Paul, Scott and Stephen.

Finally, to my Smart Support Team. Thank you to Kelly for project ...

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