Chapter 1Introduction to Smart Nanotextiles

Nazire Deniz Yilmaz

Textile Technologist Consultant, Denizli, Turkey



This chapter provides a comprehensive presentation of recent advancements in the area of smart nanotextiles giving specific importance to materials and their production processes. Different materials, production routes, performance characteristics, application areas, and functionalization mechanisms are referred to. Not only the mainstream materials, processes, and functionalization mechanisms, but also alternatives that do not enjoy wide state-of-the-art use, but have the potential to bring the smart nanotextile applications one step forward, have been covered. Basics of smart nanotextiles, introduction to smart nanotextile components such as nanofibers, nanosols, responsive polymers, nanowires, nanocomposites, nanogenerators, as well as fundamentals of production procedures have been explained. In addition to materials and production technologies, characterization techniques, which have uppermost importance in ensuring proper functioning of the advanced features of smart nanotextiles, have also been investigated.

Keywords: Smart textiles, nanofibers, nanosols, nanowires, responsive polymers, nanocomposites, nanogenerators, characterization, fiber production, nanocoating

1.1 Introduction

Originally, textiles/clothing relates to catering the needs for protecting the human body from cold, heat, and sun. A more comprehensive ...

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