CHAPTER 7Maximizing the Use of Your Data: Being Value Driven

“Ah, but who do you think created the chaos?”

—Grady Booch

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications

For many years, a doctrine known as the single version of truth (SVOT) permeated how organizations approached the deployment of their data for analytic-based implementations. In 2004, Bill Inmon wrote the following:

There are many reasons why a single version of the truth is so appealing:

  • There is a basis for reconciliation;
  • There is always a starting point for new analyses;
  • There is less redundant data; and
  • There is integrity of data, etc.

The appeal of the single version of the truth is valid and strong. It is a worthy goal for organizations everywhere.

“The Single Version of the Truth” (

While an SVOT did not mean that an organization must implement only a single data store, it did mean that multiple data stores should not contain the same, or overlapping, data. In recognizing the disparate needs of an organization, an SVOT does not always align with the way a business does business. This chapter delves into the drivers that require the support of multiple versions of data—even when the data may conflict with the ideals of an SVOT.

Managing multiple versions provides improved capabilities to support the needs of the organization and to provide the necessary contexts for solving business problems using AI, in both operational and analytical environments. The awareness ...

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