Chapter 8. Market and Promote Your Business by Helping Others

Interviews are an amazing way to build your brand; this has been my primary winning strategy with building The Rise To The Top. However, I'm FAR from being the only one to find success by using this method—and this is definitely not a case of "this is what I do, so you need to do it, too." Interviews are platinum. They're valuable—very valuable.

People love to be inspired and entertained about subjects they enjoy. For example, let's say you love hamsters. If a pet food company decides to do a series where they interview dancing hamsters, there is a good possibility you will tune in. In turn, you just might become interested in the hamster food brand (that whole thing about companies and brands as media sources and publishers). And this is true of every niche. Interviews with passionate people are instant brand and credibility builders. Plus, they're easy to promote, and you get the added bonus of learning something and forming new relationships.

Interviews create the ultimate triangle of awesomeness. The interviewee wins because they get to be in front of your community. Your community wins because they receive valuable content and information. You win because you are promoting others, providing great content, and generating interest.

So, how should you conduct an interview? They can, of course, take place in person—but another way you can do it (and eliminate geographical challenges) is to interview people online. With ...

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