Chapter 17: Introduction to User Interface Design Patterns

A design pattern is a well-thought-out solution to a common problem. In your everyday life as well as in your work, you likely run into the same problems over and over again. In many cases, you may have found solutions that work and then repeat the same behavior patterns whenever you encounter the same problems again. People also tend to share such solutions with others.

Design patterns provide a way to formalize the same approach to help designers with their professional challenges. The “gang of four,” in their book Design Patterns, were the first to utilize the design pattern approach in the software realm. If you are a software developer, you are probably familiar with this book.

Design Patterns introduced multiple software design patterns that described commonly known problems in building software and solutions for solving them. These patterns are now commonplace in developer language. You hear developers talking about singletons and factories when they talk about software architecture and design. These design patterns not only give them proven solutions to their problems but also provide a very powerful communication tool. Having commonly used names for design patterns allows developers to communicate complex solutions in one or two words.

User interface design patterns

User interface design is less formal than writing code or designing software architecture. But still in design the same design problems reoccur. ...

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